Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bumpy Day Yesterday..

Boys were definitely off.. Potatey had NO impulse control and was literally bouncing off the walls (typically not HIS issue). Salamander was extremely, extremely, extremely fatigued. And if the boys had been teenage girls, I would have said that BOTH of them were PMS-ing (lots of 'claws coming out', snarly, hissy fit interactions).

I took them to the movies yesterday afternoon (Beverly Hills Chihuahua.. fun and cute movie), and after we came out of the theater BOTH of them took off running helter skelter into a crowded and busy parking lot (and neither of them has done THAT in quite a while). So of course I ended up going full tilt boogie after them.. and stepped out of one of my shoes.. and twisted my right ankle (my ankles are my weak spots).

So now I have a right ankle that it taking on all colors of the rainbow, with a nice swelling around the ankle joint to boot. Yup, I sprained it.. once again.

NOT GOOD, as I am on my feet ALL THE TIME!!!

See, this is what happens every single time. Some things start going right for us (great IEP meeting for Salamander last week, couple promising PAYING work leads, my 2007 tax refund came in so I could pay off my credit card balances) and then I end up doing a face plant (almost literally yesterday..) in another area of my life...

I have a Bulls Eye painted on my back, and Lady (Mis?) Fortuna, that fickle little biotch, is becoming quite the shooter...
Ah well, I'm going to chalk this too up to "sh#t happens."

Hobbling off I go again....

(and yes, we continue to want your vote for Lend4Health..)


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