Friday, October 24, 2008

What To Do?

I am getting the (unspoken) message/vibrations that there are parents within the same school that Salamander is attending, who have kids with similar neurodevelopmental etc challenges as Salamander is dealing with, who are resenting me/us for:
  • Having been able to obtain, over the past 5 years, the various services that Salamander has been receiving (but let's not forget that I have always done, and will continue to do, a ton of stuff for Salamander on my own time and own dime..)
  • The progress that Salamander has made, which is now allowing him to transfer from the, more behaviorally focused, Pragmatic Learning Center to the, more academically focused, Resource Room. Salamander has worked his butt off over the past 5+ years and he has every right to feel proud of his accomplishments. And yes, my heart does break for the other kids who are not progressing in quite the same way as Salamander has been progressing.

How do I deal with this? Nobody has said anything to me directly, but I am getting bits and pieces from Salamander, as well as some subliminal messages from school staff.

I think I'll "let it go" for now and assume that what I sense is a figment of an overactive imagination brought on by the fact that I am almost dead on my feet. It's been a crazy busy week (more on that when I am more coherent...)


At 7:00 PM, October 24, 2008 , Blogger K Fuller said...

Keep your eyes on the prize, and that is your child.
This happens to us all the time. People who don't want to do the hard work and research wonder out loud how we get things done for our son. It is hard when people think that we get preferential treatment, they don't have any idea how much documentation, talking, calling, letter writing and just plain bitching goes into getting our son the best. It is hard to believe that people can be jealous of something in Special Ed! I can tell by your writing that you leave no stone unturned, and that is how it should be for every child. This to shall pass. Keep doing what you do and other parents will take your example and do better for their own kids.

At 10:08 AM, October 25, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

I agree. Let it go for now and keep your eyes on the prize (as Karen said). We all run into people who are jealous for one reason or another, all we can do is try to understand the desperation that causes them to feel that way, forgive them, and move on. Unless they confront you (which I think would be a great opportunity to give them some tips on how they can better help their child), then you must face the madness head on. Until that happens, keep doing what you are doing Super Mom!! :-)


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