Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Salamander Is Growing Up..

Fast Now.....

He has been spending more and more time with neurotypical boys as of late. And apparently the 10 - 11 year old NT boy crowd can perseverate quite a bit on a particular topic (did I just use NT and perseverate in the same sentence?? LOL). And you can all guess what that particular topic is (think glands that are starting to kick into overdrive...).
Yes, indeed.

Salamander came home today with a few interesting expressions and interpretations of the 'facts of life'. Time to tackle THAT part of Salamander's education.
Never a dull moment around here....

[oh, you thought that the male parent would handle this??? Bwahahahahaha.. who do you think taught Salamander to pee standing up, as well as a few 'male anatomy related' personal care activities?]


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