Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sorry for not posting.. Lots going on, but no time to actually write about it!!

I am going to let my friend Kim do the talking for me today.. she very neatly sums up my issues with the current (vice)presidential candidates and their (all talk, no action; but we'll say anything to get your vote) (non)commitments to actively implement policies that will help our kids NOW..

Our kids are indeed "the misfits amongst misfits"; they don't fit neatly within the 'children with disabilities' box. Our kids need 'out of the box' thinking to develop a plethora of interventions (medical, behavioral, remedial, educational, etc) to allow them to reach their full potential. So these same kids are going to need representation in the White House, Congress, Senate, state governments, local governments capable of developing 'out of the box' policies, laws, mandates and procedures.

Haven't seen much from either contender (and their wing person) that supports that they have the capability AND the cohones to foster the much needed 'out of the box' approaches. They really need to be living our lives for a while to truly appreciate our kids' daily battles...


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