Wednesday, October 29, 2008


[Mom On A Mission]

So I've got, give or take, 2.5 hours to get a slew of errands completed involving trips to 4 different stores along a 15 mile long strip of highway (that ended up being under varying degrees of construction.. Oy...). Trust me, this shopping expedition is being planned with military precision..

[and forgive me the sarcastic eye roll the next time somebody asks me if I am task oriented and can manage my time efficiently]


Mission Accomplished.....

Highlights of today's "Action":
"Outgunning" (hey, I'm a stick shift girl) a slickly dressed male in a shiny new BMW with a "Yeehah" license plate at a traffic light ("Yeehah" indeed .... Suckah..)

Being asked at the post office by another autie mom where I got one of my more, well uhm, "up yours", autism bumper stickers (needless to say, I gladly volunteered the necessary info - I DID edit my sticker to reflect the 1 in 67 families statistic)

Having my parking brake go "SNAP" in a very sloped parking lot (ah well, parking in first gear works too..).

Off to play more "Round Robin" with the hospital to get Salamander's sleep study scheduled. I'm starting to think that robbin' Fort Knox is easier....


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