Sunday, February 24, 2008

What An 'effin' Disaster..

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So a bit earlier today, the boys and I were put in a position where we had little choice but to attend a certain social event.

Now my alarm bells were ringing PRIOR to going.. over the years I've learned to ask lots of questions about the set-up, amount of people, food, indoor environment, outdoor environment, pets, other kids, color and make of the furniture, etc., etc., etc., to minimize the 'element of surprise' (both for my kids and the organizers of the event..LOL). And this time, I got very little in terms of answers....

The boys and I should NOT have gone.. and the hell with other people's perceptions the next time these types of events show up on our calendar.

Let's just say that there were quite a few people at this event that could have benefitted tremendously from a good smack upside the head with this book (yes, I've read the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it). The whole atmosphere of the event struck me as 'wrong, wrong, wrong' to my deepest core.

After spending about 30 nauseating minutes listening to one woman natter on about how her perfect darling was going to take gymnastic lessions on top of her already very full calendar of French lessons, music lessons, soccer lessons, and God Only Knows What Else, while at the same time attempting to keep my two boys out of all the priceless antiques in the house (turned out this was a 'no kid' event; organizers forgot to mention that), the boys and I made our escape to The Game Room. Which, Praise the Lord, had a mini pool table.

I spent the next 30 minutes teaching my boys the basics of pool (Salamander certainly has the makings of a decent pool guess what I'll be getting myself for my next B-day?), and then we made our exit... And not a moment too soon as both boys were 'done'.

Now we're back home and the boys are happily scaling Mt. Everest in the backyard and destroying imaginary snow dragons.
THIS is the kind social event that -I- can relate to...

[there is a reason why these days I avoid social events that do NOT involve kids with special needs or parents of said kids like THE PLAGUE]


At 2:29 PM, February 24, 2008 , Blogger Kim Stagliano said...

Sounds like I should have been there..... ME-OW! :)


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