Sunday, February 17, 2008

So tired...

[WARNING: This is NOT going to be an upbeat post.. ]

Today, I am tired of cooking three full meals and two snacks, times 2 (as each kiddo has different dietary needs), from scratch, every single day.

Today, I am tired of making 6 different batches of nutritional supplements, times 2 (as each kiddo has different nutritional support needs), every single day.

Today, I am tired of the nasty, cold, bone chilling weather, as it makes my fibromyalgia flare up (OK, all the caffeine I consumed today is NOT helping), and the boyos are going crazy being couped up inside all day.

Today, I am tired of doing all and everything that has to do with the boys care and wellbeing (physical, emotional, educational, social, etc., etc., etc., blah, blah) on my own.

Today, I am tired of being mother, friend, therapist, cook, medical doctor, nutritionist, facilitator and God only knows how many other hats I wear every single day.

Today, I am tired of not knowing HOW I am going to pay for the boys next batch of nutritional supplements.

Today, I am tired, tired, tired, TIRED!!!!!

And I just want to go to sleep, hoping that tomorrow will be better....

[now don't any of you dare think that I am tired of caring for and loving my two precious little boys.. I am not.. I am just tired of continuously fighting a loooooong uphill battle.. Yes, how dare I, eh? NEWSFLASH: I am HUMAN!!!]

P.S. Just found this in my mailbox.. and this is making me feel a little bit better....

We have been alerted that Jim Carrey will be on Oprah February 18th to talk about his upcoming movie, HORTON HEARS A WHO. We know that Jim will also be talking about AUTISM as Jenny McCarthy's son Evan is so close to his heart. For show times

February 28: Autism Breakthroughs The heartbreak ...and hope of autism. Jason "J-Mac" McElwain inspired theworld with his incredible shot-making at a high school basketball game. Larry talks to the teen and others about the disorder. Holly Robinson Peete, Doug Flutie and Toni Braxton join the discussion to bust myths and present breakthroughs. It's an uplifting hour with those who know! This will air on the Larry King Show


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