Saturday, February 16, 2008

And on it goes, and on it goes...

And so it goes, and so it goes
But am I the only one who knows?

freely borrowed from Billy Joel, "And so it goes."


Don't mix open packages of cheese with the kids food, when you know that at least one of your kids goes anaphylactic after ingesting even trace amounts of dairy.

Don't buy whole fish (scales and all) when it is impossible to remove all scales from said fish and one of your kids has sensory issues, especially in the oral department. Said child will poke at his food (and potentially gag) as he simply cannot stomach it (and no, he's not doing this to 'challenge' you...)

Don't mix open packages of pretzels, bread and other gluten containing products with the kids food, when you know that both your kids have Celiac's Disease (of the ultra sensitive variant where even exposure to a few crumbs can create weeks of 'fun').

Don't use dryer sheets (antimony!!) when drying their clothes, when you know that their mom is working her butt off getting all kinds of nasty metals (including antimony) OUT of their systems.

And on it goes, and on it goes...

While YOU may not see 'what the big deal is' and while YOU may think I 'flip out over these issues because I want to make YOUR life hell', this is NOT about YOU. This is about the safety and well being of the kids; nothing more, nothing less.

So please, while abiding by my 'crazy rules' may be a MAJOR inconvenience,. just humor me..

(it is this kind of b... s.... that makes me soooo tired)


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