Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sibling Fights..

Now all siblings fight, right?
And most sibling fights revolve around toys, games, clothes, rooms, etc, right?

Not in this crazy house. MY boys fight over the fact that Salamander gets to wear a full B12 patch every 3 days, while Potatey gets to wear 1/2 patch once a week (to quote Potatey: "That's not fair that Salamander gets a whole patch, and I only get 1/2 patch. You love Salamander more than me..").


[for full disclosure: Both boys have difficulties, of genetic origin, in maintaining adequate intracellular B12 levels; pop over to Dr. Yasko's board and search for 'need for B12 in all forms and all routes'. Yup, that's my boys..]


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