Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow (pl)(d)ay

Well, after a slow start here, we DID get about 5 or 6 inches of snow; the nice fluffy kind of snow.
So after before breakfast supplements, breakfast itself, after breakfast supplements, and snow removal around the house, we'll go PLAY!!! (we have a killer hill about 3 blocks from the house and I can already hear it calling for me.. LOL).

I'll bring the camera and will attempt to shoot some videos. Especially Salamander has become quite the kamikaze on that hill. (and I'll be kamikaze-ing right along with him).


P.S. Added at 8.50 am.

My lovely neighbors just took care of HALF my snow removal!!!
Drive way = plowed
Side walks = plowed

That leaves me with just the walkways to the front and back doors and the front and back porches. Piece of cake (especially with the help of my two lovely boys..)


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