Saturday, November 01, 2008

That Did Not Go Well..

This afternoon's Halloween party that is... We lasted a grand total of 15 minutes before we needed to exit; Salamander completely imploded and then shut down.

I knew I was taking a chance even going to the party, but for Potatey's sake I had to try. Yes, Potatey was disappointed about having to leave too, but, wonderful caring kiddo that he is, he understood that it was all too much for Salamander and that it would be better for all parties involved to just go home for some quiet time.

I'll post more about the how and what later..

[oh, and trust me, inside I am not nearly as calm as I sound here.. I am sad... for Salamander because things became so hard for him, and for Potatey as he's missing out on a social event that he would have very much enjoyed..]


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