Sunday, December 07, 2008

First Winter Fun...

OK, so we had our first snowball fight of the 2008/2009 season.. and our first 'casualties of war' too..

Salamander threw a snowball at me that hit me right in the head. It popped out the right lens of my glasses and got lodged in my eye socket. Salamander was MORTIFIED!! Glasses are fixed, I'm fine.. I may just be sporting a shiner tomorrow (heck, I used to be at risk for shiners for entirely different reasons.. I'll take the "snowball hit me" reason...)

Salamander decided to take a zip down the slide. There was a big layer of ice at the bottom part of the slide. All went well until he hit the icy patch. He was launched of that slide like a canon ball, got some serious air, cleared about 2 to 3 feet before hitting the ground HARD. Yup, THAT left a bruise.. on his ego too..

Potatey waited a little too long with letting me know that he needed to use the bathroom. So as he's trying to wiggle out of his wet snow gear, hopping up and down from leg to leg as he has to go so bad, he "lost control". Yup, think untrained puppy...big puddle...

Ah well.. all in a day's work.. We had a great time, that's what matters.

Hot Cocoa time (chocolate almond milk...)!!!


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