Friday, December 05, 2008


Salamander had another good week at the Lindamood-Bell center. We DO see some fatigue setting in (sessions are mostly at the end of the day, AFTER a full school day), and now that the work is getting more challenging, we see some resistance/avoidance behaviors. But nothing (yet) that we haven't been able to work through. His instructors have him pretty much figured out and are doing what is necessary to mix things up (hard stuff followed by easier stuff, not so fun stuff followed by fun stuff) and to keep him motivated..

Speaking of fatigue, I received the official sleep study report yesterday. I have not yet had a chance to thoroughly read and digest. Mention was made in a few places of hypopnea, apnea and respiratory-related arousals. And that Salamander snores.. LOL (I KNEW that..). We are working hard on teaching his body to sleep on its side.. Salamander is very cooperative and making a very conscious effort to comply. Too early to tell if it's making a difference. I'll be shoppng for the nasal strips today. ENT appointment scheduling I'll take care of next week.

Overall this has been a pretty good week. Boys have been really even keeled and at ease (I was going to write calm, but then realized that my boys will never be calm.. LOL.. they are active, intense boys, and that's just the way I like it). Both have been going with the crazy busy flow, and I haven't seen any major outbursts (and NO tantrums at all...). They are both POOPED, so I'm kinda glad it's only a half day of school today (so I'll have my whole gang home by 1 pm). We all need some 'chillaxing'. Weather is pretty nice, so we'll do a lot of outside play...

Last nite's bedtime DID turn into a big zoo unfortunately. Potatey was super tired and he becomes a MAJOR drama queen when he's tired. After much stalling and delaying and asking for this and asking for that, he still wasn't ready for bed at well over 40 minutes past his usual bedtime. So I lost my patience with him. Which made him burst out into tears and freak out a little. We had a loooooong chat (while I am at the same time helping Salamander get ready for bed.. yup, Petra the human ping-pong ball..), which ended up helping BOTH boys in the end. But it was close to 10 pm before they were both settled and asleep.. And as Salamander and I had to leave the house at 7.15 am this morning, it made for a short night...

So mission for tonite is to get everybody in bed a bit earlier..

Off to do my grocery run.. Goal is to get that done before 1 pm, as I want to avoid having to drag two tired and bored boys through the grocery store...


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