Sunday, November 30, 2008


Day 1 of 21 went GOOD. Boys and I had a fairly low key, NO DRAMA, going with the flow, we get done what we get done kinda day, which was much much MUCH needed. I took the boys to see "Bolt" this afternoon, which turned out to be a bit more intense that I had expected (and in a few areas a bit more intense than the boys can handle). Abandonment, kidnapping, getting trapped in fires; we sure had a lot to talk about and process tonite. But both boys have now settled in for the nite, and I think they'll be OK.

To my delight I am finding that I have much more energy left tonite than I have on a "typical' Sunday, which is good, as I have a few more things to get done before -I- can settle in for the night. And then tomorrow it's up again at 5 am, as Salamander has a session at Lindamood-Bell before school.

I had wanted to write about how Salamander did last week with his Lindamood-Bell sessions, but I didn't have time. He is doing well, and he is progressing well, and we'll see what this upcoming week's sessions will bring. Hope to have more time this week to write about the how and what...


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