Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not..

attempt to 'quickly' mail a few letters from a small town post office on TAX DAY!!!!

OMG, trying to find parking was worse than trying to find a parking spot on Newbury Street in Boston. And the line of (im)patiently waiting people snaked all the way down the front stairs and spilled onto the side walk. Granted, I live in a relatively small town and our post office is tiny.

What never fails to crack me up though (I have a well developed sense for the absurd) is that, inevitably, as the place got more and more crowded, less 'windows' became available to help customers!!! 'Got to go take my lunch break now', said one postal (!?) worker as an older lady with an enormous box shuffled to the counter. Another one needed a long overdue potty break.

'Any people here for passports?' yelled a third worker into the crowd. When she got no response, she yelled the same sentence again, louder this time. And louder, and louder. When she still got no takers, she just didn't know what to do with herself. She kept watching the crowd yelling her passport line every 5 minutes. Finally I couldn't help myself and yelled back 'Nope, no takers for passports, but plenty of folks wanting to mail their taxes, so how about using the passport window for stamps today?' I got a few laughs from the waiting crowd, passport lady didn't think I was that funny...

Ah well, it was a nice sunny day, and I will never pass on an opportunity to get a good laugh out of an utterly absurd situation... Like, whenever I drive by the Massachussetss Hospital School and see the jam packed cemetary right across the road, or when I drive by a High School in a neighboring town and I see that the Senior Center is flanked by the school's sporting fields with lots of sweaty young bucks strutting their stuff (just wondering if there is an increase in 911 calls from the Senior Center this time of year, as I am sure the sight of all that young firm flesh may be the 'death' of grandma.. what a way to go.. LOL)


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