Thursday, April 17, 2008

Having a Totally Icky Day....

Got sick last nite at around dinner time (not a good time in this house for the Head Zoo Keeper to 'go down'). Barely made it through dinner; dragged myself through the post dinner routine, bed time supplements, etc; got the boys off to bed (can't remember WHAT books I read to them. LOL); dragged my sorry butt back downstairs; made a feeble attempt at cleaning up my disaster kitchen; sat down at around 9.45 pm and utterly passed out.

Until about 2.30 am, that is.. Potatey was up pretty much every 20 minutes from there on out until about 4.30 am. Night terrors, bad dreams, the works.. Oy...

5 am my alarm goes off, but of course I overslept - another thing that the Head Zoo Keeper can not afford to do....

Got everybody through breakfast, and Salamander on the bus to school... Salamander continues to not look so good, at least his congestion is slowly breaking up, but his metabolism is definitely 'off' (confirmed by a test report I got yesterday.. he's clearing a lot of Bismuth; no where in the blazes is all that Bismuth coming from?)

Got Potatey off to daycare. Thank goodness his little friends were romping around outside so he ran off to join them without so much as backward glance.

Drove back home (can't remember how I got back) and spent a good hour and way too much money on restocking the boyos' supplement cabinet.

Missed an important conference call for a work project because I had forgotten to turn the phone ringer back on (I turn my office phone off after 7 pm.. my office is very close to the boyos bedrooms and the @$#!#$ phone tends to ring at all odd hours of the nite).

Have a ton of work to get done, but just absolutely no energy, no brain zip, no 'umph' (as is probably evident from the rambling nonsense I am posting right now).


I hate it when I get like this..

I think I'll go find something to eat (please, please, please stomach.. don't do to me what you did to me last nite) and then a long hot shower. Hopefully that'll get the synapses firing...


At 1:44 PM, April 17, 2008 , Blogger Kim Stagliano said...

I thought our conference call was most enjoyable.....


Hang in there.


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