Friday, May 09, 2008

Houston, We Have Metals...

OK, so Salamander is definitely detoxing (Dr. Amy Yasko called the latest and greatest UTM 'beautiful' and 'LOVELY detox'... I guess it all depends on your point of view.. LOL).

We have Cousin Aluminum pay a visit, as well as Auntie Cadmium and Uncle Lead. Looks like Cousin Nickel may be moving in for an extended visit, and he may convince Auntie Mercury to stay on for a bit longer too. Oh, and of course all of this at elevated creatinine, which means we are vacating a few viral cousins from the premises.

I DO think the Zithromax is helping with that incredible sinus congestion. I can hear the congestion getting looser, Salamander's color is also sooo much better than it was earlier this week.

He continues to be tired, moody and volatile (not surprising, considering all the 'family members' that are putting in an appearance) - yesterday's visit to the behavioral optometrist was a lot of 'fun' (his vision is perfect; 20/20 or better; but he continues to have substantial focus and eye tracking problems.. much better than a few years ago though... ).

[Oh, and of course Potatey is detoxing quite intensely too - that certainly explains all the nighttime sleep shenanigans I am seeing.. I AM going to try some melatonin with him tonite, because -I- desperately need some uninterrupted sleep..]

OK, off to feed the monkeys..


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