Friday, May 23, 2008

Plan For Today...

Real quick.. running late.. got up at my usual time but I got chatting with my room mate and totally forgot about the time...

My conference plan for today:

8 am Dr. Herbert
9 am Dr. Walker (of Macaque Monkey association). Abstract below

This talk will focus on two studies that I am currently involved in. In the first study, infant rhesus macaques were given the human-equivalent vaccine dosing regimen (1994-99) from birth to 5 years of age. Animals were evaluated, on an on-going basis, for: (a) measures of behavior and cognition (e.g. meeting typical infant behavioral and cognitive milestones), (b) molecular and histological changes within the GI tract (by examining tissue biopsies), (c) brain imaging and, (d) immunologic changes. I will discuss some of the molecular findings in the bowel. In the second study, an on-going collaboration with clinical partners, we have evaluated bowel biopsy tissue from children with ASD and chronic bowel symptoms. Preliminary findings and future directions for these studies will be discussed.

10 am Barbara Fischkin
11.15 am Jenny McCarthy
1,45 pm Dr. Marian Blank
3 pm Dr. Mary Megson
5 pm Christina Adams

And of course in between I'll be trying to find all my Yasko and internet friends.

I got to run now, otherwise I won't make it to Dr. Herbert's presentation on time!!!

(yes, I know, I owe you all the story of my love affair...)


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