Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some Interesting Happenings Here

Sorry, crazy busy today. Just quickly coming up for air to post a few 'teasers':

Potatey has been sleeping really good since Saturday night. Yes, we still have an occasional night terror, but I can manage one or two per night. It was the constant stream 10 - 15 minutes apart between the hours of 1 am and 4 am that were really messing us up. Melatonin did absolutely nothing. I DID start Valerian Root on Saturday night, and I do think THAT is what is putting the damper on the night time shenanigans. I have my theories as to WHY the Valerian Root is having such a dramatic effect, but no time right now to get into the details.

Salamander's allergies are somewhat under control (for now). They are by no means gone, but we're getting to the 'it's manageable' point, which will hopefully buy Salamander a couple of better days and me some additional time to research our options (prescription drugs or other natural agents). He's been on OTC Zyrtec since Monday afternoon and on Wednesday night I added a Horehound containing herbal supplement. We've also been consistently using Xylitol nasal spray.

I am also seeing some really interesting changes in Salamander's use of language and his ability to 'get' and use nonverbal communication. His language is, once again, becoming more fluid, and he now almost seamlessly switches back and forth between different forms of language (formal vs. informal, when talking with me versus teachers, when talking with peers vs. his younger brother, etc). He now 'gets' when to use what language form, without me having to coach or prompt. I am seeing some positive changes in processing time, as well as increased ability to 'make conversation' - his comments back to his younger brother when said brother shares about his day and life in general, are much more on topic and in line with the conversation (including 'small talk comments'). Overall, I've noticed over the past several days that his language is sounding more and more 'natural'.

He's also pleasantly surprised me with an increase in his ability to initiate and then stay 'on task'. I have actually been able to give him a task and then walk away, and then he'll get back to me when the task is complete (as opposed to me having to check in every so often and reminding him what he is supposed to be doing). He is also initiating tasks on his own, without me prompting. It's weird in a way.. over the years I've gotten so used to being his 'prosthetic frontal lobe'. His needs for me to be this for him have been slowly decreasing since last summer, but I am seeing another jump.

I have my theories on these developments as well, but those too will have to hold until I've got more time.

OK, back to work. Potatey has a class performance this afternoon, and I have a ton of work sh#t to get done.


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