Sunday, November 09, 2008


Reposting from Friday, with an update:

Boys are definitely dealing with 'something'. Potatey has morphed into the love child of Godzilla and the Tasmanian Devil (for those of you that know his full name, think Hurricane [Potatey] ...). Salamander is riding the mood roller coaster; way, way up, giddy, maniacal laughter one moment, deep down, tears streaming down his face, borderline panic attacks the next. The belly bloat is back too (yeast flare? it's possible.. personally I think methylation pathway in overdrive as the new B12 is kicking in..). He's also getting increasingly agitated over tomorrow nite's sleep study (hospital was supposed to send me an information packet to help prep Salamander; package hasn't shown up so far, so I'll be calling the Pediatric Sleep Study Center either today or tomorrow to get more information).

Intellectually I know that neither boy has any control over their behaviors right now, we just gotta ride out the storm. But man, I am TIRED of hearing "Mommieieieieie" every 30 seconds and having to jump into resolving yet another 'life or death' crisis (makes me want to scream for my 'Mommie' right now.. LOL).

On the flip side (there's always a silver lining), the way things have been here since Friday nite is how every single day used to be for many, many years... TG we're not in that spot anymore.. I guess Lady Fortuna say it fit to send me a little reminder, and a caution to never take anything for granted and to never, ever get complacent.

Well, the sun is shining today.. time to get our butts outside...

Well, looks like the boys and I are coming down with something...

Potatey has been sniffly and sneezy for the past 24 hours or so and now starts to sound like he swallowed a bull frog.
I am achy, sneezy and sniffly too.
Salamander is 'off'; very emotional, easily upset, slow and sluggish, agitated, and he was doing his handwringing/hand shaking thing...(gotta get him well enough to be able to do Monday nite's sleep study though).

Boys are in bed now, falling asleep (but my 'mommy sense' is telling me that they'll be up frequently during the nite). I am going to load myself up with zinc, vitamin C and any other 'immune system boasters' I can find (and then I'll try to get some sleep too...)

So if I'm not posting much this weekend, you know why....

[please, let it NOT be the flu....]


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