Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well, Well, Well...

The UK is taking action to ban certain food additives/colorants, as research has supported a link between these food additives/colorants and the potential for developing ADHD.

Good for them!! Let's hope the US (or just parents in general) catch on too. There is absolutely no reason why your child's food should be neon pink, bright orange, or magenta. Food should look (and taste) like food. Period.

I have bumped into tons and tons of people as of late with preteens and teenagers on all kinds of meds to combat the symptoms of ADHD and other neurodevelopmental challenges. And really, it is not my place to question another parent's decisions (although of course I get questioned plenty on my decision to as of yet NOT pursue medication for Salamander). We all do what we have to do.

But I wish that people would be a little more willing to consider food as a potential contributor to their child's challenges. At least TRY to remove all the artificial crap from your child's diet. And as an extension of that, DO take a look at this really great and easy to read book about the Feingold Diet. The benefits of making, relatively simple, changes to your child's diet far, far, FAR outweigh the drawbacks.. Take my word on that one...

And no, feeding your child a 'clean' diet is NOT more expensive than feeding them SAD (Standard American Diet). Give up on wanting to buy everything 'in a box or can', cook from scratch and cook in batches, replace 'treats' with fruits and vegetables, stop buying soda and juices and have them drink water. Get creative, recruit the kids in cooking (mine LOVE to participate in kitchen experiments..) and plan ahead. It works!!


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