Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Remember my DHL domestic has gone bust post??
Well, strike any and all comments I made about EZ return ship labels being honored until next Monday. The pick-up I had scheduled for a UTM for Potatey never got executed. And I didn't realize that the sample was still sitting on my front porch until last nite!! I am not mad at DHL.. I mean, who can blame the former employees.. they were 'sent packing' overnite...

I've spent the past 1.5 hours making alternate shipping arrangements (yup, out of my own pocket.. ) with FedEx.. And I just hope it gets picked up today (and that the sample will actually get to the lab by Friday), because if that sample ends up sitting around much longer I may as well not send it to the lab (TG it's a metals test and not an amino acid or metabolic parameters test..)

I'll have to hold off on ordering more test kits for the boys until I've had a chance to talk withe various diagnostic laboratories to figure out the best interim shipping method.


P.S. Yes, I need to get the "Our Sleep Study Adventure" post up. I was too fried last nite.. and I am not sure how far I'll get on it today.... That bug we were dealing with over the weekend is back with a vengeance (right now only for me, TG) ... I have to do what I can to get 'over it' today as I cannot afford to be 'down' tomorrow and Friday....Too much going on..


At 7:11 AM, November 14, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

Hey Petra,

Your DHL tip-off was a huge help!

I do volunteer work for our DAN! at the our local autism treatment center and had to call DHL and DD to get the scoop.

DHL's customer service rep was ridiculous. She mumbled and in the end told me not to waste my time setting up a pick up at home; but rather, we should take the packages to our nearest drop box. Of course, that is ASSuming DHL is going to be checking drop boxes...

I then called the lab (DD). The woman there was very nice. She explained that they are currently in the process of removing all EZ labels from the kits they have in stock, as well as setting up a new service.

As soon as they get the new service set up (hopefully by the end of the month), they will replace all labels in their stock and send out new shipping labels to those of us with EZ labels in our kits.

She was told by DHL that they would honor the EZ labels until January 30,2009. She suggested we put the packages in a drop box, and not to call for an at-home pick up. I guess she's had people calling about missed at-home pick ups.

If that makes sense. I haven't had any coffee yet so my brain's ability to put it all in words is off a bit.

On that note, off for coffee!

:-) Thanks for the DHL tip! You saved us!

At 8:48 AM, November 14, 2008 , Blogger Petra said...

Glad I could help...

Personally, I am not willing to chance leaving a sample at a drop box..I pay too much for these tests, and I have too much riding on the results...I really can't blame the DHL folks or get annoyed with them.. they just lost their jobs overnite without so much as a warning..

A little birdie told me that DDI will provide fedex labels on occassion, if you are in an area where DHL won't come pick up. so that may help those of us that have kits that need to get back to DDI now, now, NOW... I'll investigate that more when I have a bit more time..

Off to get coffee myself..


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