Monday, November 10, 2008

Holy Sh#t..

I admit it.. I DO live under a rock... especially these last several weeks..

But man, I had NO idea that DHL (who I have been using to ship the boys' pee and poo specimens all over the US) is suspending all of its domestic shipping business AS OF TODAY (if you have test kits sitting on your shelf with the EZ ship return label, DHL will honor those until 11/17/08)!!!!

9,500 people are loosing their jobs.. including the very nice customer service rep who talked me through the shipping process for this week and who gave me some great suggestions on how to ship AFTER 11/17.

9,500 people unemployed. Just like that.

And here I am worried about a sleep study.. seems silly now, doesn't it?

P.S. The above was what I was told verbally by the customer service rep I spoke with at around 4 pm. The official DHL press release tells a different story...


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