Tuesday, December 09, 2008

On The Twelfth Day of Christmas..

As I was observing how my two monkeys try to kill each other, uhm I mean, interact with each other, on the way to the bus stop (which is all of a 30 second walk.. with barely a minute wait at the bus stop as we are always, ALWAYS running late), the following popped into my head.

Think the tune of the last verse (that would be The Twelfth Day' part) of 'On the first day day of Christmas' as you are reading this.

On the way to the bus stop, my brother gave to me:
Twelve Nasty Pinches
Eleven Shin Kicks
Ten Crazy Chases
Nine Angry Shouts
Eight Tripped-Up Foot Steps
Seven "I'm telling mo-om" 's
Six Yanks on Backpack [see if you can make your brother fall over]
Five Karate Chops
Four Eye Rolls
Three Punches
Two "Shut Up"s
And a shove UP the bus's front steps ...
[as the other brother is not moving fast enough]

And you can insert either Salamander or Potatey for the "brother" bit, they each give as good as they get.

Yes, yes, I know.. most of it is, dare I write this, TYPICAL sibling stuff!!!! [which I why I find a perverse enjoyment in all of it..]

Happy Holidays!!!

(yes, I am feeling a bit better, but NOT backing of from having things checked out)


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