Friday, January 23, 2009

Sad... and MAD!!!!!!

And I'm sure I'm going to get flak for what I wrote.. Ah well...

BE FOREWARNED - Comments telling me that "Autism is beautiful, that it's just another way of being, that it needs to be celebrated' or telling me that I just need to 'love my child and all will be well' or telling me that I need 'counseling to deal with my anger for not getting that perfect child' WILL be deleted.

Are the kids that suffer from autism beautiful? Absolutely.
Do the kids that suffer from autism have many beautiful gifts and traits because of their autism? Absolutely.
Do the kids that have autism suffer? Do they miss out on many things because of their autism? Absolutely
Do kids with autism have a RIGHT to all those things that 'just happen' for NT kids? Absolutely

Please, go over to my friend Kim's blog and look at this post.

And then contrast THAT with how President Obama's girls are able to express themselves.

There is NOTHING pretty about Autism, NOTHING..
And I'm talking Autism the Dysfunction, Autism the Disorder, yes, autism THE DISEASE here.

I have met Kim's girls - all three of them are beautiful, especially Mia.
My neighbors have three girls, three beautiful NT girls that I've had the pleasure of watching grow into young women over the years. My neighbors' youngest is 15, just a little older than Kim's Mia. I KNOW what girls that age are supposed to be doing. And what you see in Kim's post is NOT what girls that age are supposed to be doing.

Yes, I am angry, very angry. But not about whether or not what happened to our kids was preventable, is caused by X, Y or Z, or whether "the AAP, CDC, FDA, NIH f#cked us over" (I truly believe that there are many many factors at play, not just overvaccination or thimerosal; nor do I believe that the organizations mentioned are 'the axis of evil'....)

I am ANGRY that nobody (beyond those that have kids that are affected) seems to give a d@mn. Where's the outrage, where's the demand for finding out the truths about what is making our kids so sick, and where the HELL is the support, money and research needed to get our kids well?? Where the HELL is the urgency to help girls like Kim's beautiful Mia to get to a point that they can live a life like my neighbors' beautiful girls? Where the HELL is the drive to find a cure, a treatment?

What happened to our kids is NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!!!!!

Off to give my beautiful Salamander a hug (who I very much realize is one of the few lucky ones)...

Added at 5.25 pm: I got this article from across the pond and I hesitated as to whether I was going to link to it. It's very harsh, even crude. And the reporter is asking questions regarding in utero screening for autism that I cannot, no will not. consider... For this particular family though, what is described IS their reality, their truth.... WARNING - NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART...


At 12:23 PM, January 23, 2009 , Blogger K Fuller said...

I so agree with your anger. People have become zombies accepting what the leaders say with no questions.
Scary. I don't know when it became acceptable to just hope that kids stay healthy instead of being responsible for that health.I often wonder how I could not have known what they were shooting into my kids. I need someone to blame and I am the only one I can reach.
What makes me angry is parents who just let their kids slip into trouble, the parents who don't pay attention to kids grades and friends. We have neighbors with kids the same age as our son. They are constantly in trouble, and I mean swat team trouble. It makes me so mad to watch them waste those kids.
Like Kim's Mia, Nick can't compose and write on his own. He can generate thought and sentences and his aide writes them down, he then copies them onto paper. I insist that they continue to do this. I am hoping that when the cure is found he will be able to reach into the parts of his brain and get the skills he needs. I think this is called experiential learning
How do we muster outrage over our kids damage?????
People respond when there is a good fire. So I guess we all need to start screaming... FIRE!FIRE!FIRE!

At 12:55 PM, January 23, 2009 , Blogger Petra said...

K - I have been asking myself a similar question; when exactly did it become OK for kids to be sick all the time? And I don't mean a day of the sniffles here, or a day of the pukeys there. But SICK. ALL THE TIME. Walk into any grocery store and study the kids between the ages of 2 and 10; most of them look deadly ill (pale, black eye circles, dull skin, dull eyes, limp hair, bloated bellies, low muscle tone, etc etc). When the HELL did sick kids become the new 'normal' kids???

I don't know. And I don't understand how it happened. And I don't understand why the parents of these sick kids I see everywhere don't see what I see.

I so hear you on the 'stand by the side lines and let the disaster unfold'parents. Even worse to me are the 'benign neglect' parents; the ones that are so involved and absorbed in themselves that they have no time or patience for their kids, that they don't SEE what a precious gift they've been given, especially if the child is completely NT and free of any illnesses.

I don't know how to muster the outrage for all of this within the 'unaffected (or clueless)' masses. Most of us that are in this fight already fight as hard as we can - and we're maxed out (emotionally, physically, financially & socially). All we can do is keep telling our stories, and keep telling it like it is.

Maybe, just maybe, somebody that has the power to make a substantial change will listen...

Keep doing what you're doing for Nick. You have my admiration..


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