Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Been Neglecting an Old Love...


The twins' loan has been funded. And Julian's is getting closer and closer...

't Is no secret that I've been more than a tad preoccupied with my own stuff...

And while I have been checking in on 'the lend4health kids, I haven't written about them, nor have I kept track of the recent Cinco de Linco days...

What better day than today to put the spotlight on a couple of brave little warriors, to spread a little hope?

Hope is what today is all about. Hope and New Beginnings. Won't you give a little hope and a chance for a new beginning to these cuties?

There is Kostantinos, an adorable 4 year old boy with autism who is only $140 away from being able to have some much needed medical testing done.

Two adorable twin brothers need help in paying for Defeat Autism Now! appointments and testing

Then there is cute as button 5 year old Julian with autism, whose daddy is currently on tour in Afghanistan, and whose mommy is trying to pay for an appointment at an autism clinic in the UK.

And then there are 7 year old Dazmen and 5 year old Joseph.

Please, take a moment to read these kids' stories. These little warriors deserve all the help they can get.



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