Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a Wee Bit of Snow...

Give or take 14 inches, by the time the storm moved out....

[consider the image above a little 'appetizer'.. I have several more, but I have trouble uploading.. internet access is slow as a slug...]

Long day here, long "DEFCON 2" kinda day. Poor Salamander is just miserable - croup, laryngitis, fever, aches, muscle pains.. I haven't seen him like this in quite a while. He is trying very hard to keep his 'snarlyness' on a tight leash (and I give him huge credit for that), but not always succeeding... And Potatey is just confused, as he hasn't seen his brother like this in quite a while either.

Not 100% sure what is going on.. There are all kinds of 'bugs' doing the rounds.. My bets are on increased detox.. can't confirm, as of course I ran out of UTM test kits..(should have more kits come in tomorrow)

Hoping that Salamander is well enough tomorrow to go to school. But if not, then I'll keep him home...

I LOVE my boyos, I do, I do, I do.. But I'll be honest.. I am BUSHED and looking forward to bedtime (and "24" tonite). I am so out of "DEFCON 2" practice.. (which is a GOOD thing).


At 6:56 AM, January 20, 2009 , Blogger Charlie said...

It's a winter wonderland!! Gorgeous! (of course I don't have to shovel it or get around in it.. so that's easy for me to say).

Sorry to hear S is feeling under the weather; but, we all know you'll figure it out - you're a super sleuth like that! :-)

Have a good day. Breathe.


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