Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Could NOT Resist...

As indicated in the header to my blog, I ain't no fan of Emily Perl Kingsley's "Welcome to Holland" that every freshly diagnosed parent gets thrown at them. I do NOT find it inspiring at all. In fact, I find it very very very condescending, and it completely trivializes what our kids go through (and hello?? I am DUTCH. I KNOW what Holland looks like, and what dear Emily describes ain't it)

There was/is a little FB discussion going on where two pieces were referenced that are much more up my alley: "Holland Schmolland" by Laura Krueger Crawford, and "Welcome to Beirut" by Susan F. Rzucidlo.

Welcome to Holland & Holland Schmolland can be found HERE.
Welcome to Beirut can be found HERE

What on earth made me (re)post these today?
Well, I have one child who for the past 4 days has been blurting out "Ding Dong, Hit the Monkey" or "Jingle Bells, Monkey Smells" (almost Tourette's like) every time he gets anxious or stressed out.. which has been about every 45 seconds or so (there is a reason why I avoid OTC meds with Salamander like the plague.. until I really have no options left - they really f#ck with his GABA/glutamate biochemistry, and epi/norepi ('fright flight') balance and his ACE pathway. And I wouldn't be surprised if we have a (hopefully temporary) spike in Gamma Strep levels). You can all imagine how well THAT is going over in school (his friends think he's hilarious and just being the class clown.. school staff? Not so much. TG they have past experience with his vocal outbursts and the 'OTC meds phenomenon') - which of course is adding to Salamander's stress, which then of course makes makes the vocalizations worse...

Update on Feb 6, 2009; 11 am. I am happy to report that Salamander's involuntary vocalizations have stopped.. I think his biochemistry is stabilizing again...Will be keeping a close eye on things though..

And then Potatey (as I really boosted his antiviral and immune system supplements to hopefully stave off a repeat of the Flu Chronicles) has gone into a more intense viral (and I suspect metals too) detox, which is triggering a lot of anxiety (oh, the stress on that good ole' ACE pathway) - as soon as I move more than 2 steps away from him, or God Forbid, disappear from his vision, he totally and completely FREAKS out. [just got a UTM back for Potatey for a sample I took on Jan 27 - at just about the time he started showing 'flu' symptoms. Elevated lead excretion!! And arsenic is up too]

It'll pass (or more precisely, I'll get things back under control), it always does. But right now, "Ding Dong, Hit the Monkey", "Jingle Bells, Monkey Smells" and "MOOOOOOOOM, Where ARE you!!!!" on a never ending continuous LOOP don't make for a "Trip to Holland."


At 1:20 PM, February 04, 2009 , Blogger K Fuller said...

I know you probably already know about PANDAS but just in case you don't...
Nick has had episodes of OCD since his regression, but about 7 years ago he had a really scary time with vocal and facial ticking and verbal outbursts. It was so scary we went into the Neurologist. He immediately tested him for Strep, solution found.Now we know!
You are so on the ball with your boys your probably already know this! But I hate to assume.
Hope you are having a good day.

At 7:24 PM, February 04, 2009 , Blogger Petra said...

Please K, never apologize. Bring up what you need to bring up. I know I get too close to things sometimes...

Yes PANDAS has been foremost on my mind.. Salamander's gut strep levels are a problem.. I suspect they have flared.. and with the sore throat/laryngitis during the flu (which could have been strep), yes, I am concerned. The two vocal ticks I mentioned were actually gone for a while this afternoon, but then came back in the form of "entrepeneur" [don't ask] at the end of the day (tiredness definitely has an effect). I'm gonna keep an eye on things for 2 more days, and if vocal ticks are not subsiding, I'll increase the strep fighting supports.

Incidentally Potatey just had the biggest 'yeast poop' I've ever seen him do. I had increased his caprylic and I started him on OLE to help stave off any viral bugs. Obviously this is having an effect..


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