Monday, February 02, 2009


Potatey is definitely battling something. Symptoms right now similar to what Salamander was displaying at the beginning of his flu 'adventure'. I hope I can keep Potatey's symptoms under control so it doesn't get quite that crazy. Potatey did go to school this morning (something I do NOT feel good about and am not proud of having done), but I HAD to get Salamander back into the Lindamood Bell tutoring routine (he missed 2 weeks!!!).

I fully expect the nurse at Potatey's school to call me to come pick him up (in fact, I'll be really surprised if that doesn't happen. And if it doesn't, well, then that gives you a good sense of Potatey's toughness).

I already made the decision that if tomorrow Potatey is the way he was this morning, he gets to stay home from school (and then I'll have to schlep him with me to Salamander's Lindamood-Bell tutoring session tomorrow afternoon). We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Salamander glided right back into the Lindamood-Bell programs (we will use this week to finish up on the Cloud Nine math program). He DID need a little bit of coaching and a little bit of review of strategies, but that's to be expected after a 2 week hiatus. He really is getting to a point that he's solid in his math principles - and the only way to become more automatic and fluent is practice, practice and more practice (I however am THRILLED beyond words that after 5+ years of drilling on math facts with flashcards and almost no success in getting Salamander's brain to retain these facts, 4+ weeks of intense instruction using the Cloud Nine program seems to be doing the trick. Salamander is DEFINITELY a lot more confident in tackling math problems.. ).

Off I go.. tons of stuff to get done, and one eye glued to the phone waiting for Potatey's school nurse's phone number to appear on my caller ID..


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