Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Flu Chronicles - Day Eleven (uhm.. no.. I mean SNOW DAY)

Well, so much for Salamander going back to school today. School called a Snow Day at 6 am this morning. Of course I had already been up since 5.25 am to make breakfast & lunches etc, but ah well....

I stopped what I was doing, snuck into the boys' rooms to turn their alarm clocks off, and went back to bed.

For exactly 15 minutes, as then Potatey decided to wake up. Grrr.. I've had trouble for almost 2 weeks now getting the sprout out of bed at 6.40 am as he is "so tired mommy. I need more sleep.", and then on a day that he can actually sleep in , he's up at the crack of dawn (he does this same exact thing in the weekends). Twisted... very very twisted...

Salamander slept a hole in the day.. didn't wake up until 10 am. I made both boys a nice big breakfast and then they went off to play together (I overheard them say to each other "Let's play President Obama in the Oval Office." Got no idea what that is all about, but it did make me chuckle..). Salamander still looks tired, I'll have to make sure he rests today.

Snow wise things are messy.. but nothing we can't handle. I have a few work related things to get through, and then we'll bundle up and attack the accumulation. It's supposed to change over to sleet and rain around mid afternoon, which will make for an incredible soggy mess, and then it's supposed to get cold overnite. So we're gonna have to get rid of as much as this stuff as we can.

Catch ya all later..

[oh did you all catch the brouhaha around mercury contamination in corn syrup? Second time in a month that I am glad the kids have certain food intolerances; first salmonella in peanuts and now mercury in corn syrup. I got rid of all things corn syrup when Potatey was about 3.5 years old. The stuff is POISON (for more than one reason obviously). If you have ever read about how it's actually MADE, you will never want to feed it to your kids again.]


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