Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Flu Chronicles - Day Seven

Well, looks like Salamander is through the worst of it. Still keeping him under 'pneumonia watch'.
His voice is back, his color is much much better, and so are his energy levels. Hard part is going to be to get him to continue to take it easy for a few more days.

I will be blogging more later .. gotta go get lunch ready (yes, I'm running late). Potatey has a birthday party to attend later this afternoon (such a wonderfully 'normal' thing to do), and I have snacks to prepare for that ('we'll attend, with our own food' has become my standard reply to invitations of any kind) and I need to help Potatey to wrap up the gift for the Birthday Boy.

Potatey's dad will be taking him to the birthday party, so Salamander and I will be just hanging out and resting this afternoon...(and to be honest? I could much use a nap; I've had a killer headache for the past 36 hours, I have a slight temp and a dry cough.. I pray that I'm not the next one felled by the flu.. )

And this one is for all you parents out there whose kids are seriously impaired in their ability to communicate. YOU HAVE MY ENDLESS ADMIRATION. For about 4 days, Salamander wasn't able to communicate - he had no voice due to laryngitis, he could not read as his head hurt so bad, he could not write due to low muscle tone and other neurological issues that messed up his ability to remember and form letters and words. He couldn't even draw a stick figure. Neither of us knows a meaningful amount of sign language and I do not have a PECS system. It was heartbreaking to watch Salamander struggle so hard to get across to me what he needed and wanted. And the frustration that built up inside him...

I thought I was tough, that I could handle anything. I now realize that I haven't even scratched the surface of 'tough'.... Let's just say I had a reality check, and yes, I so GET IT. You have my unwavering support in pursuing any intervention you deem necessary to help your child improve his/her abilty to communicate...

[and I am counting my lucky stars that Salamander's inability to communicate was a temporary thing, and that HE understood it was a temporary thing, and that, despite feeling utterly and completely lousy, he kept a pretty decent reign on his temper and moods, and that he SLEPT AT NIGHT...]


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