Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things that made me happy (or laugh hysterically) today..
Hearing Salamander chatter up a storm (I really missed his sweet voice these past several days) and watching him play with Potatey.

Seeing Potatey come bouncing back into the house after having had a blast at his classmate's birthday party.

Hearing from the mom of said classmate how much she enjoyed the fact that Potatey came as "[..] is talking about [Potatey] all the time." (turns out the sister of said classmate has Celiac's disease..).

Having Salamander ask me "who are all these kids" when he 'catches' me on the Lend4Health site, listening intently as I explain and having him say "that's really cool mom. Can I help too? I'll give you my allowance."

Having Potatey ask me, as I am bending over to lift him off the toilet after he did a HUGE poop, "Mom, why do you have a butt on your chest?"

Watching Potatey skip through the kitchen while singsong-ing: "Mommy's got two butts, two butts, two butts.."

Things that made me sad/mad today..
Having a barrista at the Starbucks ask me about the Autism Puzzle Piece I wear on my sweater coat and then as soon as the word "Autism" rolls out of my mouth, getting 'that look' from her and having her rush me through my order without another word.

Leaving the house for not even 45 minutes to go buy a bday present for Potatey's classmate and coming back to a completely trashed house and two hysterically crying kids (yup, I left them with you-know-who.. BIG mistake).

Seeing you-know-who 'roll his eyes' as I am explaining to Salamander what Lend4Health is all about.


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