Monday, January 26, 2009

The Flu Chronicles - Day Nine

Salamander is definitely over the flu bug itself. But of course there's some residual stuff. He's still coughing a lot, and his nose is now draining grey/green goop.

We worked on school work from home; I may have worked him a bit too hard.. LOL.. He told me we got more work done in about 4 hours at home (with breaks) then he typically does in 3 days in school... Not sure what to make of that.

The nurse from Salamander's DAN! office called me around 12.30 pm, asking me if I still wanted the Zithromax script, and if so, that I'd have to take Salamander in. We talked about what had been happening over the past week, his current symptoms etc, and we made the decision to come in.

So as soon as I had grabbed Potatey off the school bus and the boys had had a snack, off we went for our 4.30 pm appointment (yeah, at the end of the day.. and of course we got stuck in rush hour coming back.. so we ended up being home really late.. which made dinner really late.. ).

I'm glad we went though. Salamander's DAN! hadn't seen him in a while, and she was quite pleased to see how much he had changed/improved. And she got a tremendous kick out of seeing Potatey too (who is a patient of her's as well) and to witness the interaction between the two.

She agreed with me that Salamander is over the worst flu wise. His lungs sounded clear, no signs of pneumonia. He does have a sinus infection (that we will treat with natural and homeopathic agents for the next few days; if things haven't cleared up by Thursday, then we'll do a course of Zithromax), and fluid in his ears (tied to sinus congestion). Overall, keep doing what we're doing and we'll get to where we need to be.

We talked a little bit about Salamander's remaining three BIGGIES in the health department - gut issues, B12, mitochondria. We also talked a little about Dr. Boyd Haley's OSR and my hesitation in wanting to try it with the boys (OSR is sulphur compound - boys have transulphuration pathway issues), but as it comes in a powder and as especially Salamander still has far to go in lead and aluminum detox, I'll keep it in the back of my mind. I DID go for a script for injectable hydroxyB12 - God knows that Salamander is taking every other conceivable form and route of B12, but that we continue to struggle with keeping B12 levels steady, and the injectable form is really our only option left. I will wait a few more days with filling the script, as I need to talk Salamander through the how, what, when and why.

I certainly wasn't as prepared as I like to be when taking the boys to the DAN! doc (as I'd like to get my money's worth out of the visit.. LOL), but overall I got out of it what I needed to get out of it.

I will make a follow-up appointment with her for both boys for much later in the year. I do need to go pull all of the boys' test files and make sure HER records for the boys are up to date (I'm so used to going it on my own that I sometimes forget to keep all members of the boys medical team aware and up to date..)


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