Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Flu Chronicles - Day Ten

Well, I can officially declare VICTORY over the flu bug. Salamander IS still coughing, we're working on that.

We worked hard on school work again.. I realize that I can't get him completely caught up BEFORE he returns to school, but we can do the best we can in getting the work that was sent home done.

His color is getting much, much better; facial bloating is still a come and go kinda thing (but it was that way BEFORE he came down with the flu). I got almost all of his usual supplements into him, so that's progress too.

His sinus infection is starting to respond to the combo of nasal flushes with Xlear (nasal wash with Xylitol) and Pleo Rec drops (a homeopathic his DAN! doc recommended) in his nose. He is also taking 1/2 tablet of Mucinex (another DAN! doc recommendation) to help thin out the nasal and bronchial mucus.

Salamander does still get easily fatigued; not much I can do about that. Except for making sure he gets all his supplements, good food, plenty of liquids, and sufficient rest.

Bottom line - we survived the flu. Salamander will be going back to school tomorrow (and he's excited about going back.. he missed his friends..)

Would I do anything different next flu season? Yes, I would. I should have doubled his antiviral and antibacterial supplements when Salamander first told me that classmates were coming down with the flu.


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