Thursday, January 29, 2009

Did I Do The Right Thing?

QUICK UPDATE: Salamander is doing OK in school (teacher just emailed me). He is quietly settling in, his class mates are all super excited that he's back.

[totally unrelated - did any of you see the repeat of "Law & Order -SVU" last nite, the episode where Det. Stabler goes to visit his mother to ask her to help him help his daughter? Both Stabler's mom and his daughter suffer from bipolar disorder. When grandma and granddaughter started talking about how they feel during their ups and downs, how they experience the world, how they experience other peoples' emotions and energies...Let's just say that this episode hit very close to home]

Well, Salamander went back to school today. And I don't feel good about that decision AT ALL. He didn't look good this morning, he clearly didn't feel good. I do think that nervousness and anxiety are big components to this - he was quite agitated and distressed last night. He actually threw up just before leaving the house - I don't think that was illness related, I think this was 'pure nerves'. It's not that he doesn't want to go to school, he does. It's just that he's been out for quite a while, so it'll be a big transition getting back into the swing of things..

Time will tell if I made the right decision.. He has to transition back into the usual routine at some point..

And Potatey is starting to drive me batty..
So yesterday, a day that school was cancelled, he bounded out of bed at 6.15 am, rearing to go. Never ever once mentioned that he was 'so tired, mommy.' Refused to go back to sleep, would NOT let me sleep a bit longer.
This morning, on a school day? 6.40 am - "I can't get up mommy, I am soooo tired."
Yeah, right (he does this exact same thing in the weekends). And with him too I don't think it's that he doesn't want to school. He LOVES school, he loves being with his class mates. and friends.

But fact is that both my boys rather be home. And while that, in a weird way, is flattering, I need to put my foot down and get everybody back in the regular school routine. That is, as long as the weather cooperates and we have no illnesses...

This was definitely the morning of 'd@mn if you do, d@mn if you don't'..

Well, off to tackle the skating ring that my driveway turned into. The rain that fell yesterday afternoon and eve froze up over nite. BLACK ICE everywhere...


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