Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Potatey home sick.... Another snow storm rolling in... Having to take Potatey with me as I take Salamander to tutoring in Norwell in the late afternoon (where even more snow is predicted than here).. Trying to get work done while at the same time caring for Potatey.. Computer keeps crashing.. Hi speed slow as a slug (%^#&^%&$^).. Lindamood Bell tutoring got cancelled due to predicted snowfall... Emails & call to Salamander's school to tell them to put him on the bus home instead of me picking him up at 2.15 pm...Need to reschedule 3 pm work conference call... Overnite 4 more loads of smelly laundry appeared that need to get washed ASAP... Need to pay credit card bills before late charges hit...

And then I read this, and this. Thanks Jess, I SO needed to read these words..
(and aren't our kids amazing? Not aware of what's going on around them, no empathy? Bah humbug..)

Adding THIS.. a resolution I hereby pledge to follow...(within reason of course, as my kids' needs will always come first and be front and center.. That's simply how I operate. But a little more 'ME" time is not gonna hurt..)


At 2:02 PM, February 03, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm so glad my stories could be there at the right time.

and michelle has such a good point, doesn't she? we all need to remember ourselves in the equation.

all the best!


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