Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another Quickie

BOTH kids on the school bus this morning (Hallelulah.. we'll see if it holds..) after a 1 hour delay as we had another 5+ inches of snow dumped out here (I was out there shoveling thrice - once at around 3.30 pm, and another time at 10 pm, and then again at 4 am this morning.. Then a neighbor took pity on me and plowed out what remained of my looooooong drive way).

God, it is pretty outside.. if only it wasn't so much WORK to clean it all up. Today it is going to be COLD (which will make for a nice layer of ice) and then tomorrow it's supposed to get warmer again. We'll see.

Off to take a few pictures, and then time to get ready for MY day .. I have a business meeting at 10 am , which I am obviously going to miss. But I should still be able to keep my 11 am commitment and after that the usual run around starts (groceries, bills, get Salamander from school at around 2.15 to take him to Norwell, blah blah).



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