Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PUT THE PREVIOUS POST BACK UP - It's a necessary one in the 'where I was at and where I ended up' process...

Had to take my previous post down. A lot more was brought to my attention and I am very confused as the way situations are being presented just does NOT fit with the Salamander that I know and love so much. I need some time to sort through it all, and how to present things to school. As there are only 3 days left before February school break, I am going to try and 'buy time'. As in - let's be kind and patient with each other during the next couple of days, let's give Salamander some extra emotional support & 'the benefit of the doubt', and I'll work with him on getting things stable and figured out of the February break. Then let's start with a clean slate AFTER February break and see what happens then.

To be continued....

[Michelle, thanks for commenting on the previous post, and yes, you were so right]


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