Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not a Good Day...

So today is officially the 5th anniversary of Salamander's first official diagnoses. And typically, I will try to stay very busy during that anniversary.. as when I slow down, my mind tends to go 'back there'.

Today has been a rough one. Salamander woke up in a GREAT, GREAT, GREAT mood. But his mood has been deteriorating over the course of the day.. and right now, he is in a 'spitty, snarly, hissy, whiny, rigid, locked in his POV, look at me the wrong way/say the wrong thing and I'll blow' mood (first 'mood slide' happened after he returned from archery with his dad, second more major 'mood slide' just occurred now.. after coming back from the movies with his dad and Potatey). Potatey of course is now starting to 're-act'.. (he's a bit snarly too). Yup, momma is on DEFCON 2, and on ready alert to go to DEFCON 1 at warp speed...

I am tired today, I am not feeling good, I look like sh1t (or so I was told by the boys' dad - well, yeah, considering.... and yes, I am prime target for getting the flu next, wouldn't you say). And I am worried about Salamander (as I can't seem to talk him 'off the ledge' - in fact, I better get off the blog, as he's escalating.. WELL, THE VULCANO DID BLOW.., HE'S A BIT BETTER NOW ). I am worried about my friend Jeanne's little boy.

I have trouble 'seeing' right now how far we've actually come in this crazy ride, so I'm gonna link back to things I wrote earlier (adding one more link). I'll read over it myself as a reminder, later tonite, after the monkeys are in bed..


[signing off.. going to crawl on the couch w/ a bunch of blankets. I just can't get warm.. and I am soooo tired...]


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