Thursday, February 05, 2009


[now don't all gang up on me, OK?]

I do not like Jenny McCarthy's book Mother Warriors.... I got it earlier this week, together with Poisoned Profits, The Toxic Assault on Our Children.

I read a few chapters from Jenny's book and then had to put it aside. Can't articulate yet clearly why my hackles are up. It has nothing to do with Jenny herself. I've seen her speak in person and in TV appearances and I love the fact that she tells it like it is. It's not her writing style either; "Louder Than Words" sucked me in from the first word.. (and turned me into a blubbering mess). This one? Not so much..

Now the Poisoned Profits book on the other hand? OMG.. There is an absolutely harrowing description of the toxic assault kids experience in a "normal" (meaning NOT green) household on a "normal" day... No wonder so many kids are so incredibly ill....


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