Friday, May 01, 2009

Salamander Writes More..

So yesterday was "Poem in your Pocket" day. Together we had picked out a wonderfully silly poem from the book "My Hippo has the Hiccups" (I have found poems and rhymes to be a GREAT tool for showing and practicing the inherent *music* in language.. )

But of course, in *typical* (?) ADHD/executive functioning deficits fashion, somewhere between getting on the school bus and arriving at school, the poem went MIA.

But in very UNtypical 'ADHD/executive functioning deficits/gripped by anxiety and don't know what to do' response, Salamander then decided to write his own:

Up in the morning sky
That's where birds fly
While singing songs
Red, Blue, Yellow, Black feathers..

Salamander has a writer's/poet's soul.. and I am so incredibly privileged to be witness to this part of him emerging.....

And on a related note, Potatey definitely has an artistic streak too, but his is more of an impish nature. I just walked into my downstairs bathroom... and was greeted by a HUGE BIG smiley face... drawn on my bathroom mirror.... with strawberry toothpaste....


At 12:39 PM, May 01, 2009 , Blogger K Fuller said...

A little rhyming a little Haiku. Fabulous!


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