Saturday, December 05, 2009

Day 2/Round 2...

Am gonna need your positive thoughts etc today. Today is gonna be hard (it already is). Yesterday was just me and the XTB. In a one-on-one, XTB turns weepy, whiny. Today the boys are here (they will be leaving with a dear friend around 11 am for a few hour), AND XTB has recruited my neighbors to help him move sh#t.
So... now XTB feels 10 feet tall and the manipulating is in full force..

I need to slam the shields in place, and go in biotch mode But he also knows I can't say or do what needs to be said or done in front of the boys.. .

Boys are out of the house (have been since 11.15 am), which makes things more manageable as I don't have to worry about how they are handling/perceiving things or manage any meltdowns (I already told the boys that they can fall apart and meltdown all they want later tonite...)

Just had a chat with one neighbor to address any potential awkwardness. TG the guy is a total straight shooter with a good head on his shoulders (aka he ain't stupid and can read between the lines..) - no awkwardness there at all (at least NOT from his end..)....

Moving on to the next thing..

There is ALWAYS good stuff. My other neighbor is building an ice rink for the winter in his backyard. Now how friggin' cool is THAT?? (Yes, I'm a skatin' fool...)

Boys are back home.. Especially Salamander is NOT handling the changes to our living spaces well.. he's raging in his room right now (he's allowed to rage there). Boys' rooms have NOT changed at all. I was adamant that NOTHING be taken or be changed in their rooms... Is gonna be a bumpy ride this afternoon/tomorrow...

Salamander is better....not raging anymore... talking with me instead of screaming at me.... baby steps, baby steps..

Weirdest thing.. I have 4 flameless candles that each go thru their own individual *change of color* sequence. They are NOT supposed to be synchronized. About 20 minutes ago, when I moved these into my kitchen and turned them on, the colors and color changes were COMPLETELY synchronized. For almost a full 5 minutes. Message from the Universe that balance/equilibrium is coming? I'll take it as such....

So friggin' TIRED. Can't *crash* just yet. Need to get boys thru bedtime and then really should put in at least 3 to 4 hours of paying work. Just don't know if I can.. major headache brewing (snowing out here now). I may just crash after the boys are in bed and get up VERY early tomorrow..

Boys are supposed to be with their dad for a good part of tomorrow.. so if I can get an early start and then work while the boys are gone.. and then work more tomorrow nite after they're in bed I should be able to get 8 to 9 hours of paying work in somehow...

Potatey simply passed out at bed time.. with narry a peep.. utterly exhausted. Which DOES mean he and I didn't get a chance to talk about today's events.. I'm a bit worried about him, I just don't get the time I need with Potatey to help him process as my focus tends to have to be on Salamander. During Salamander's meltdown this afternoon, I know Potatey had a hard time too, but his needs took a back seat to me helping Salamander calm down.

MUST. MAKE. SURE. I. TAKE. LOTS. OF. TIME. NEXT. WEEK. FOR. P (oh, if only I didn't have this work assigment looming over my head, then I'd simply shut down for a week..)


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