Friday, October 16, 2009

The Winding (and Sometimes Twisted) Journey has turned into *Spinning wheels and ever so slowly sinking deeper and deeper into the muck*.



[am working on a 'this is where I'm at' post. Post won't be brave, won't be 'I'm hanging in', won't be 'I'll survive.", won't be "Things will get better.", won't be "the Silver Lining.". It will be on what is. Warts and all].

Boys are mostly good. Salamander is settling into Middle School well. He's definitely struggling with a few things, but nothing I hadn't expected or anticipated. His IEP and 3-year reeval are coming up shortly.. so I am planning on addressing these issues then (and in the mean time, I'll keep gathering my data..).

Potatey is having a really hard time.. which really really worries me. Very *ADHD* as of late. Not that he can't do the work.. he's whip smart.. blows through academic materials at home *just like that*. But at school? No focus, no ability to sit still, no *stick with it*ness. He's struggling making friends (which is really out of the norm for him). I need to figure out what's up.

Part of it may be that I simply haven't been as 'centered' myself (not that I am THAT centered.. but I am 'off my game', no doubt about that..). Part of it is that I've gotten a bit complacent on the rotation part of the boys' diets and I don't think that's agreeing with either of them. And then there is the change of seasons. And probably the biggest part? I started two new B12 forms (well, new for Potatey; Salamander has been on these forms for a while now) about 2 weeks ago. So I suspect part of the attention problem is just plain ole detox (yup, I have testing pending, but as I now run these thru my DAN! docs office as opposed to straight through Dr. Amy, to save a few $$, I am finding myself waiting FOREVER for the results.. GRRRRR).


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