Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts..

I do apologize for not posting much here on the blog as of late.. At the moment, I am finding it easier to post quick blurbs on Facebook...

Here are a collection of thoughts I posted throughout the day:

NOT a good start to today. Major headache, nausea. Let's hope it passes soon....
Something's up.. Potatey is having the exact same symptoms.. especially the headache is highly unusual for him.... Salamander seems to be *OK* *but he's snarly and a bit whiney... I have gotten back into the habit of closing all windows in my house, in an attempt to preserve energy as much as I can - as this is a very old house, doing that can create a really *stuffy* atmosphere.. I may have forgotten to open up windows in the bedrooms last nite (to create some fresh air circulation when the heating is not on)I'm feeling a tad better, just very brainfogged..... Potatey is running back and forth to the bathroom, peeing up a storm..

Turkey in the oven. Potatoes peeled & ready for boiling to make mashed. Stuffing made and ready for baking. Only one *big* cooking project left - bread rolls. Rest is *easy*. Salamander just left the house to go on a hike with his dad. As Potatey & I are a little under the weather, we're gonna hang on the couch and watch Tom & Jerry... shows together. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL

One of these days, when I have tons and tons and tons of money sitting around doing nothin' (ROFL), I am going to get my kitchen redone. And then I want a double oven...My turkey is taking up my oven space right now, which means I can't bake my bread. But oh goodie, I DO have a bread maker (haven't used it in YEARS!! hard to make a good bread in the breadmaker if you can't use eggs or yeast). Decided to *back off* a little (just for today) on the egg and yeast restrictions and use my breadmaker.. let's see if I still remember how...

Looking back on my life so far, have I made mistakes, have I often been wrong, do I have regrets? Yes, I have and I do. Would I change anything? Nope. As all my life's experiences to date have made me the person I am today.. I have been *forced* to grow, stretch, reach and get out of my comfort zone MORE than I ever thought possible, than I ever thought I could.

Salamander came back from a, give or take, 5 mile hike around 1 pm and has been asking me about every 30 seconds since "when can we eat? I am STARVIN'!!!'. Going as fast as I can buddy. My kitchen/downstairs living space is hotter than hell. Stove going full blast (burners and oven), bread maker, and somebody decided that it 'be fun for the boys to have a fire in the fire place.' Hi temp not helping my headache, queasy tummy

Would have MUCH preferred it if the *fire building* had waited until AFTER we are done eating... but of course I can't say that without somebody taking it personal. Weird *vibes* in the house.. I know it was very much MY decision to NOT force the *move out* over the holidays.. for the boys' sake..Praying I can do *this* without *breaking*..

1.5 day of cooking, 45 min of eating. LOL. Potatey decided to take on a turkey leg, and I'm happy to report that Potatey won, resoundingly. Salamander stuffed himself, twice, and then passed out in front of the fire place (men!!). Operation turkey bone broth initiated...

Two stoneware bowls and my stoneware bread bell in a billion pieces... yeah, I'm MORE than a little annoyed, as there was a fair bit of stupidity involved. Ah well, now I'll have an excuse to buy new ones...

I actually did cry.. especially my bread bell was a price .....silly really, these were all just *things* after all.. It's just.. I really don't buy a whole lot of nice things (you all know where my $$ goes), so when I do, I am very careful with them. It hurts when others cannot seem to be bothered with exercising the same care....

Weird/odd day - overall good tho, I think (I hope?). Boys are snuggled in, I got to watch them fall asleep (pure innocence = watching a child drift off to sleep). I ~love~ my little clan, we may be small in numbers, but we are GRAND in so many many other ways..

Tired.. in a weird mood.. house has been *dead* quiet since 9 pm (I was & am the only one awake).. been doing a lot of reflecting and thinking in the past 3 hours, not all ~good~ thoughts/reflections. I need to do this, I need to do much MORE of this, that I do realize. Just so much *muck* to process. Uncomfortable, painful, purging, hopefully, at some point, healing..


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