Friday, February 29, 2008

The British Nanny...

(no, no.. I am NOT referring to a rather memorable line in this movie)

Did you all catch the hullabaloo around UK's Prince Harry having 'been caught' actually doing what he had signed up to do? That is, fulfill his military duties, which, oh my gosh, includes taking HIS turn at the front in Afghanistan?

Good for him, by the way. From what little I've gleamed in the press about this young man, he seems to be the type that is not afraid to get dirty, and certainly not the type to take the 'privileges' (if there are any) of his birth for granted.

But apparently, the British government disagreed with this young man displaying some 'cohones'. The Ministry of Defense issued a statement that 'Prince Harry will be withdrawn from Afghanistan'.

Sjeesh, now this is what I call a British Nanny gone wrong...


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