Thursday, March 27, 2008


Please, please, please, read this blog post by David Kirby!!!!

I am in too much of a hurry to get to a meeting to comment in detail, but what David touches on is exactly, exactly, exactly what has happened to Salamander (and it would have happened to Potatey too if not for a much more aware and pro-active momma).

Both my kids have genetically determined dysfunctions in a variety of metabolic and mitochondrial cycles. And in Salamander's case, a combination of environmental, toxic and viral insults aggrevated his underlying metabolic/mitochondrial disorder and the rest is history as we say...

I'll comment more when I have more time. I am however THRILLED to see more emphasis placed on the fact that so many of our kids are metabolic trainwrecks and have clear signs of metabolic/mitochondrial dysfunction (and less emphasis on autism is mercury poisoning as a result of vaccines.. while this may be true for some kids, on a grander scale this 'link' just never made sense to me).


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