Monday, March 24, 2008

The Dreaded MCAS..

is this week. ELA - Long comp is tomorrow....

I know, I know.. Salamander is only in 4th grade. It really doesn't mean anything at this point.. Problem is all the drilling over the past, oh, 6 or so weeks and the posters all over school ('We're going to beat the test!' reads on of them) are NOT helping reinforce the message that this is only an assessment, not a life or death situation.

MCAS under any circumstance is stress inducing. Now add to that circumstance an anxiety prone, extreme perfectionist with Asperger's Syndrome, and a bunch of LDs (on of them being dysgraphia, aka the inability to write by hand)...

Oh yes, the 'fun' that we'll have out here this week. It started this morning.. I won't repeat the first words out of Salamander's mouth after he woke up ...

So please, send some good positive thoughts his way this week? (and maybe a virtual Margarita for his mom???? LOL)

Ah well, this too shall pass..


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