Friday, March 21, 2008

Quoting Scripture...

So Salamander has been scripting a lot today. He used to do this whenever he felt anxious, out of control, or otherwise 'out of sorts'. He has learned other coping mechanisms over the years, but every once and while it comes back.

So we are talking about his upcoming birthday, what presents he would like, and one of his 'heart's desires' may be a toy that's on the 'contains lead or other nasty chemicals, aka not a safe toy' list. I explained to him that I needed to check whether it was a safe toy first before I could make any decisions.

And out comes the following (apparently Salamander was aware of the recent toy recalls as one of his class mates did a piece on this as part of the classroom's 'daily news' feature) in this deep, dark, TV announcers voice (with perfect intonation, perfect pitch, the whole bit...)

"Don't be fooled by the stylish appearance of this [ ... ] doll.
She is actually a cold blooded killer."

(apparently this is the text of an actual advertisement one of his classmates quoted in the aforementioned 'daily news' feature.. ).

I couldn't help but laugh.. Yes, Salamander was definitely scripting, but in light of the conversation, it was actually appropriate scripting!!

Of course we talked about what the text of the advertisement actually meant, in what context it must have been made, and why it is NOT a good idea to 'quote this particular scripture' outside of our own four walls...


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