Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One MCAS assessment down..

three more to go..

Salamander got through ELA - Long Comp in one piece today.

He is utterly exhausted though. And it's interesting, from a purely analytical and clinical perspective, how fatigue is impacting certain 'behaviors'. The 'getting stuck on a certain word in a sentence and not being able to get beyond that word' is very pronounced tonight, as is the agitated pacing. Auditory processing is virtually nil as well...

But nothing a good night of sleep won't be able to fix (I hope).

(now a eensy, teensy vent.. as overall Salamander's school has been an incredible partner in any and all interventions, accommodations and modifications implemented over the years.. Why or why assign a lengthy homework assignment that requires MORE READING AND WRITING after the kids spent pretty much the entire day on an intense writing assigment???)


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