Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sleep, Glorious Sleep!!

This past nite was the first nite that Potatey has slept all the way through (without waking up due to night terrors) in a, oh I can't remember how, looooong time. And there were also no other 'thump in the night' incidents that woke me up from my slumber..

So when Potatey walked into my room this morning at 6.45 am, I truly thought the tyke had slept in for a change, as it felt like close to 8 am to me!!!! Imagine my surprise when I passed on of the clocks in my house and realized what time it was. I feel sooo rested!!!!
I am sure this means that both boys will be giving me a run for the money today... LOL..

It's going to be a busy one out here. Potatey's birthday party is tomorrow afternoon (and I have food shopping and baking to do for that), Salamanders birthday is on Monday (and I have to finish up present shopping and wrapping). Then there is the looming tax deadline.. Oh, and I think that, despite more MCAS testing on Monday and Tuesday of next week, Salamander has homework that needs to be completed over the weekend.

And then there is this other 'issue' that came to a nasty stand-off this past Thursday (can't get into details) that I'll be working on finding a resolution for..... Can I just say that sometimes having a bright, extremely sweet kiddo on the high functioning side with little to no behavioral issues in the school setting can be a BAD thing (from the perspective of securing services from school)?? [no, I'm not talking about my own..]


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